Lebanese Restaurant Ras Al Khaimah

If you want to taste the very best of Lebanese food, reserve yourself and your family a table at Deirat Hali, the best Lebanese restaurant Ras Al Khaimah has.

Located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which is studded with dramatic mountains, sand dunes, and lush green plains indented by picturesque waterways, Deirat Hali offers you the most authentic Lebanese cuisine in our welcoming, comfortable café. Loaded with aroma, vibrant colors, and rich flavors, Lebanese food is loved across the globe for its distinct taste.

Boasting a wide menu encompassing traditional Lebanese delicacies and cuisines, prepared by the best chefs in the industry; Deirat Hali is your go-to Lebanese restaurant Ras Al Khaimah based, for the finest food, snacks, and drinks. Whether it’s a quick lunch before you head back to work or a healthy breakfast, Deirat Hali is the place to be.

best restaurants in ras al khaimah
best restaurants in ras al khaimah

The Flavors of Lebanon

At Deirat Hali, enjoy traditional Lebanese delicacies curated from secret family recipes handed down from generation to generation in our enchanting café. Unlike other cafes, we offer you the full gamut. From hot and cold appetizers to chewy and yummy hot wraps, from absolute grills to breakfast fatteh, we can provide you with a complete Lebanese meal course. We are your one-stop destination if you’re looking for the best Lebanese restaurant Ras Al Khaimah has.

Wondering if we have anything for the kids in our menu? Worry no more! Deirat Hali offers a wide range of food for your kids too. Meals and dishes like sandwiches, salads, food wraps, and more. Need a little more spice or something extra? At Deirat Hali, we will make sure you don’t leave without a satisfying meal.


Cold Appetizer

Dessert with pistachios and cream


Fresh Juices

Fresh Juice

Grilled Kebabs with Dips

From The Grill


From The Oven

Grilled Fish with Salad

From The Sea

Shrimps Sandwich

Hot Appetizer

Coffee with Cookie

Hot Drinks


Ice Coffee

Milkshake with Ice Cream


Mint and Lime Virgin Mojito


Meat with Sauce

Our Specials

Spaghetti with meat balls and sauce


Salads at Deirat Hali


Small Sliders with Dips


Special Tea Tray at Deirat Hali

Special Tea Tray

Wrap with Salad and Olives


Lebanese Cuisine at Deirat Hali

The cultural and culinary crossroads of the west and east are located in Lebanon, the country where western civilization originated. With both eastern and western influences visible within its cuisine, this ancient land has a diverse cuisine rooted in history.

The Lebanese cuisine is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet. It’s loaded with starches, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and fresh fish. Garlic and olive oil are also abundant in it. Lebanese cuisine focuses on herbs, spices, and freshness of ingredients, rather than an extensive repertoire of sauces, the assortment of dishes. Exotic, earthy flavors are abundant in the meals as well as rose water and orange blossom in the desserts. 

Authentic Lebanese food is a celebration of life; The food is fresh, colorful, and incredibly diverse. Our Lebanese Restaurant Ras Al Khaimah, Deirat Hali, celebrates the beauty of such cuisine and invites you to indulge in the beauty, variety, aroma and most importantly, taste of this rich and healthy culinary art.

Established in 2018, with a goal of bringing authentic Arabian flavors to the masses, Deirat Hali is the go-to Lebanese restaurant Ras Al Khaimah. From our humble beginnings as a small café with a limited menu and seating capacity, we have quickly expanded our reach across the UAE, Europe, and the Middle East. Today, we serve a wide variety of the finest Arabian, Mediterranean, and Lebanese cuisine. We also provide quick and efficient catering services in Ras Al Khaimah.


Lebanese restaurant Ras Al Khaimah