The Best Middle Eastern Restaurant  

Looking for an authentic Middle Eastern Restaurant
that has the most flavoursome Menu and great ambience? Well, your pursuit ends here because Deirat Hali serves you the most delectable meals of the Middle East along with a delightful ambience.

In times like today, while the love for middle eastern food grows globally, finding an authentic middle eastern restaurant has become a struggle. However, in the heart of Northern Emirate of culturally rich UAE, Ras Al Khaimah,  Deirat Hali, awaits you!   

Let our menu tempt you and call us on +971 (7) 221 1088 to book a table right away! You can view our website to know our story and passion for Mediterranean food.   

best restaurants in ras al khaimah
best restaurants in ras al khaimah

Aroma and Flavours of Middle Eastern Lands  

What appears to be a fine-dining Middle Eastern restaurant with furnishings of a modern café beholds whole of the Middle East inside it. Deirat Hali’s birth and growth are both a result of consistency and, most importantly, a passion for healthy and authentic food. At Deirat Hali, we believe in serving fresh ingredients to prepare wholesome Mediterranean cuisine for you.   


Cold Appetizer

Dessert with pistachios and cream


Fresh Juices

Fresh Juice

Grilled Kebabs with Dips

From The Grill


From The Oven

Grilled Fish with Salad

From The Sea

Shrimps Sandwich

Hot Appetizer

Coffee with Cookie

Hot Drinks


Ice Coffee

Milkshake with Ice Cream


Mint and Lime Virgin Mojito


Meat with Sauce

Our Specials

Spaghetti with meat balls and sauce


Salads at Deirat Hali


Small Sliders with Dips


Special Tea Tray at Deirat Hali

Special Tea Tray

Wrap with Salad and Olives


Dining at a Hidden Gem in Ras Al Khaimah 

With a limited number of serving seats and a low variety menu, Deirat Hali was established on the 31st of May 2018. With the love and acceptance of the people of Ras Al Khaimah, our Middle Eastern restaurant expanded steadily and now has around 400 seats and also an events hall for comparatively larger gatherings. 

Deirat Hali also went ahead and began its catering services making sure the authentic Mediterranean flavours reach you even outside our premises. We thrive on customer satisfaction and strive to grow further with the aim of making our delicacies more accessible to the people all over UAE.  

Ras Al Khaimah is well known for hikes and beaches. It’s one of the best weekend spots in the UAE. Thousands of people from other Emirates visit Ras Al Khaimah every weekend. Deirat Hali is always enjoying the hustle and bustle of the lively people and feels privileged to be serving them such a varied menu.   

cafe in ras al khaimah